Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Visa for Netherlands: Royal Dutch Embassy

A very good experience with pure professional touch. I had to go for a business tour to The Hague for 15 days. Since this program emerged in emergency, I could apply only 3 days before my travel date for visa and got a date for next day for personal visit to the embassy. 

It was just 10-15 minutes of interaction with few questions from their side and I was told to collect it next day in the afternoon. If you have a return ticket with travel insurance, all papers in place, valid reason for travel, justification for the period of stay, you surely get it without any failure. But if you are short of any of these papers, you will not get the green signal.  

The queries were very relevant, specific and to the point. They wanted to know the reason of visit, justification of duration of stay, how you are going to take care of your stay and regular expenses, scope of work and return date.

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