Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pati Patni Aur (Now

Note: All the characters below are real-life physically and mentally existing. All sequences are coincidental (happening by chance rather than intentionally) but not coincidental (happening or existing at the same time) and disparateShe-One: He (He-One) Got an e-mail from her congratulating him for winning a return ticket from on his review posted at and asked for his details. He reverted back with his correspondence address and contact details so that the sponsoring agency ( could contact him.
He-One: He was thankful to Deepak Chopra, review on whose book got him this. He renamed the book to Seven Spiritual Laws of Winning Return Ticket at He replied to the email immediately with his contact number and contact details.
She-Two: She gave a call to He-One about the return ticket that can be taken for any destination. He asked if the tickets for his family also can be booked by them, she confirmed affirmative that he will have to pay on-line for the additional tickets.
HeOne: He asked for his wife’s suggestions (She-Three) on this ticket and it was concluded that the whole family comprising of He-One, She-Three and She-Four will travel together by buying She-Three’s and She-Four’s tickets on their own. Destination decided was Bhubaneswar and Puri in Orissa for 4 days in February second weekend.
She-Three: She started exploring various magazines, travel information papers and internet to understand and chalk out the sight seeing plan for all 4 days planned. And touch wood it was very well structured planning (as usual)
He-One: Called She-Two to check about the prices of the tickets to pay for She-Three and she-Four and also about the Airlines. She-Two said they will pay for his return ticket for the lowest airfare/airlines available and in this case it was Air Dhakkan but confirmed that for family this Airline will not be the suitable one as it has a 100% successfool rate of delaying and canceling of flights. He checked on MS reviews and found all symptoms matching. So decided that the family will not go by Air Dhakkan. comes in a big way: Now the task for He-One was to find out the suitable Airlines (Timings should be early hours for going and late hours for returning) and decided Air Sahara for going and Indian for returning. This was quite quick and handy on that gave the information about all airlines for going and returning with the Price Tags. 10/10 goes to for providing enough information so fast to arrive at a decision.
The Funny Part: Within two days another review of He-One was there on Page One (not Page 3) of MS and He-One got double delighted to get another return ticket. He called She-Two immediately and told her that since he has won two tickets so one should be in his name and another should be in She-Three’s name. Firstly she refused since as a policy the ticket can be issued only in the winner’s name and not his family member’s name but after checking with her senior she said Ok. Funny Part was that on checking she found only one prize for He-One from MS (only the first one). She told him that she will call back after checking from MS and confirmed that there was only one entry in his name. How He-One was too assured about two entries was because the first time his review was on Page-1 and also the winner but second time it was not winner but on Page-1 (Phew!)
He-One: He requested She-Two of to give his return tickets for the same Airlines (Sahara and Indian) instead of what they were proposing (Air Dhakkan) which they refused as the cost difference was high, anyhow after a little bargain She-Two accepted for Air Sahara for going at no additional cost but He-One had to pay for Indian and Air Dhakkan difference which He agreed. He also checked about the prices on individual Airline Sites (Air Sahara and Indian) and found a little difference in prices (at Airline sites the prices were a little less). But this all materialized after She-Two told He-One to talk to He-Two (her superior) for his approval and which he gave easily.
But This was not the Reason: to book tickets for She-Three and She-Four form individual Airline sites and not taking it from as the difference in amount was less than 100 Rupees in total but since this was first interaction with, so decided to play safe and book e-tickets directly using credit card from these Airline sites which took not more than 15-20 minutes.
He-One: He confirmed She-Two to book tickets for him for these respective flights and was told that she can hold these tickets only for 24 hours and within this He-One has to pay the difference. The difference was e-paid overnight (courtesy
Tragedy Scene: She-Two sent two e-mails for two tickets (one for Air Sahara and one for Indian) which resembled too much and by mistake He-Two thought them to be duplicate mails and deleted the second one. So now he was left with only Air Sahara ticket. He called He-Two for the other ticket once again as She-Two had left the office. And after some chase it came next day.

The Producers & Directors: and
The Cast:He-One: Guess WhoHe-Two: Amit of (in the role of a nice, co-operative, fast action officer)She-One: Jasmine of (in the role of the host of the show, awarder and a prompt query resolver)She Two: Wanda of (in the role of a nice, co-operative front desk officer)She Three: The Cute wife of He-OneShe-Four: The intelligent, lovely princess of He-OneOverall is a very useful site with an accurate and complete compilation of flight details of all airlines for almost all destinations. The Prices quoted are also very reasonable and on cross checking with the individual sites you will find not much difference in the rates (only additional charges are the service charges of Staff shows virtual presence wherever you are through email and mobile and are professionally capable to resolve/solve any issues promptly and are bold enough to warn about the consequences/risk of the cheapest fares flights/airlines.One question to How the review of the day is different form the Best Review????One question to Why giving the cheapest priced prize which you know is risk-taking in terms of delays and cancellations (which you yourself vet for) But still I liked the professionalism, straight forwardness and quick solutions!

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