Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Will you Fly or Enjoy Miami to Key West

When are you planning you visit Miami for your next vacations? It has been long since you really had enjoyed your vacations. Let this time be the most adventurous, breathtaking and a lifetime unforgettable experience. Visit Miami. Spend some days here. It will take some time to drink this tour sip by sip as everyday you will encounter different adventures and everyday it will be a new chapter in your book of memories.

Once you are done with interiors of Miami, there is lot to explore outside or on the exterior fronts. You must take a tour from Miami to Key West. Key West is a very interesting place. It is a sort of hidden treasure. But everyone who goes by road to Key West definitely gets a portion of that treasure.

If you prefer to go by air to Key West, it would be beneficial in terms of time saving but would be a big deficit in terms of taking away a great opportunity of exploring probably one of the extremely amazing routes in the world in terms of serenity, nature, wildlife, tropical scenery and beaches alongside with white sand spread across. So are you convinced  of taking a road journey to spend 4 hours (almost, depending on the traffic en-route) and capture an album through your eyes, of thousands of photographs in your heart for lifetime.

There is no scope of having a nap on the way, so much so, that blinking of your eyes would look irritating to you and for some time you would wish that the blinking stops till this journey is over so that you are able to not to miss what you are missing while blinking your eyes.

If you look at the map of the United States, and start going southwards, In the extreme of South, you will be able to locate Key West, which is a collection of over a thousand small islands, all unique, all beautiful. Usually people visit here to enjoy sunshine, beaches, nature, wildlife and diversity; that you never saw anywhere else; that you have missed all your life. Almost all of the islands are under the sea level except very places that you will find a few feet higher.

On your way to Key West driving from Miami, there is Florida, another beauty. Halt on your way for some time at a place where you will view Atlantic Ocean, in its calmest moods; and Gulf of Mexico; face to face.

In all you will be passing through 43 bridges on the way en-route Key West from Miami. 

Are you reading or lost somewhere in your dreams?

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